Friday, September 2, 2011

The One Good Chain Mail Letter

My friend usually hates chain mail, but when she told me about the touching poem she had been forwarded, I had to write about it. The poem was written by a girl with cancer in the hospital, and in it, she talks about how "life is a slow dance, so take life slowly." It was one of the deepest poems I have ever read in my lifespan. I made me realize I had to take life slowly and enjoy every tiny moment, whether it was the smell of  the wet road after a rainstorm, or the golden haze off the skyline of our small city. The hope of a new bloom of dandelions, while annoying, still part of the cycle of life and death and everything in between. I learned that life is short, so eat better pizza, and laugh all you can through every little pause and birdsong that being alive possesses.

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